About the ARC

The Archaeological Review from Cambridge is a bi-annual non-profit journal managed and published on a voluntary basis by researchers at the University of Cambridge. Although primarily rooted in archaeological theory and practice, ARC accommodates a wide range of perspectives with the hope of establishing a strong, interdisciplinary journal of interest to those engaged in a variety of fields.

The Committee

General Editor
Sergio Russo

Kerry Gnandt

Julia Montes-Landa

Open Access Team
Ali Giritrioğlu

Book Reviews
Victoria Pham

Back Issue Sales
Camilla Zeviani

Kim Ruf

Web Management
Laura Courto

Publicity and Events
Glynnis Maynard

General Members
Camila Alday, Rachel Blevis, Daniele Borkowski, Alessandro Ceccarelli, James Clark, Mark Davis, Kerry Gnandt, Mark Haughton, Alex Kelly, Huiru Lian, Min Lin, Emma Naveah, Bruna Pelegrin Garcia, Alisa Santikarn, Elena Scarsella, Elisa Scholz, Phoebe Thompson, Matthew Van Schalkwyk, Tianyi Wang, Simon Weppel, Alexandra Warminski

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