Violence and Conflict in the Material Record

Violence and Conflict in the Material Record
Volume 25.1 (Apr 2010)

Editors: Skylar Neil and Belinda Crerar

Book Review Editor: Victoria Pia Spry-Marqués

Violence and Conflict in the Material Record

1. Introduction

Skylar Neil and Belinda Crerar

11. Past Bodies: Body-Centred Research in Archaeology
Book Review

Edited By: D. Borić and J. Robb
Reviewed By: Dr Hannah Cobb

12. Image and Audience: Rethinking Prehistoric Art
Book Review

Authored By: Richard Bradley
Reviewed By: Mark Sapwell

13. Textile Production in Pre-Roman Italy
Book Review

Authored By: M. Gleba
Reviewed By: Elizabeth M. Schech

14. American Megafaunal Extinctions at the End of the Pleistocene
Book Review

Edited By: G. Haynes
Reviewed By: Alexander J.E. Pryor

15. Anglo-Saxon Deviant Burial Customs
Book Review

Authored By: Andrew Reynolds
Reviewed By: Christopher Ferguson

16. The Partings of the Sea: How Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Plagues Shaped the Story of Exodus
Book Review

Authored By: B.J. Sivertsen
Reviewed By: Rodrigo Pacheco Ruiz

17. A "Splendid Idiosyncrasy": Prehistory at Cambridge 1915-50
Book Review

Authored By: P.J. Smith
Reviewed By: Tera C. Pruitt

18. Espacio, Tiempo y Forma. Prehistoria y Arqueología. Homenaje al Profesor Eduardo Ripoll Perelló. Serie 1, No. 1
Book Review

Authored By: Multiple authors
Reviewed By: Particia Murrieta-Flores