The Climate Change Bundle

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These issues bring together the ways by which we conceptualize, act, and re-act within both a fluctuating environment and morphing theoretical framework surrounding landscape. From articles addressing a more reflexive map-making in archaeological research, to questions addressing conceptualizations of humans in nature beyond environmental determinism, the capstone of these pieces is the most recent issue that explores the complicated nexus of archaeology and climate change. This complementary bundle addresses some of the most pertinent questions that archaeologists will face today and in the future, as the acceleration of a changing environment calls into question how individuals and societies will react to systemic alterations in subsistence, lifeways, and how these changes will be recorded.

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Issues Included:

32.2 On the Edge of the Anthropocene? Modern Climate Change and the Practice of Archaeology
24.2 Beyond Determinism?
24.1 Invention and Reinvention

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