1.2 - General Issue

Summer 1981
Theme Editors: Sheena Crawford and Henrietta L. Moore


Sheena Crawford and Henrietta L. Moore

The archaeological study of exchange: theoretical problems and a new approach
Alison Sheridan

The recognition and interpretation of the exchange of pottery in the Baringo District of Kenya: some preliminary results
Chris Gosden

The spatial analysis of axe size in the Scottish axe distribution
J.B. McVicar

An approach to the study of prehistoric settlement in the Solway plain, Cumbria
R.H. Bewley

Book Reviews

Anthropology for Archaeologists —
By Bryony Orme
Modern Material Culture: The Archaeology of Us
Edited by Richard A. Gould and Michael B. Schiffer
Reviewed by Paul Lane

Prehistoric Communities in Northern England: Essays in Economic and Social Reconstruction
Edited by Graeme Barker
Reviewed by R.H. Bewley


Archaeologia Chauvenistica: Bare faced, but not naked, ape
Mary Braithwaithe

David Fraser and Richard Barcham

Ethno-archaeological research
Alison Sheridan

Off-site Archaeology
Paul Lane & Andrew Mawson

Publications received

Notes to Contributors

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