2.1 - Archaeology and the Public

Spring 1983
Theme Editor: Robert Bewley


Statement of editorial intent
Foreward: archaeology and the public
Robert Bewley

The impact of metal detecting on archaeology and the public
Tony Gregory

Swords to ploughshares: a nationwide survey of archaeologists and treasure hunting clubs
David R. Crowther

The work of a local society and its interaction with professional archaeology
Brian Charge

The national survey of public opinion towards archaeology
The Cambridge Research Cooperative

Archaeology and television
Bruce Norman

Archaeology and public values, with reference to the magazine Popular Archaeology
Jonathan Burt

Museums and people
Peter Gathercole

The role of archaeology in verifying American identity
Mark Leone

Ley-lines: Sense and nonsense on the fringe
Tom Williamson and Liz Bellamy

Stonehenge, General Pitt-Rivers and the first Ancient Monuments Act
Christopher Chippindale


The Parthenon marbles and the politics of restitution
Robert Browning

Wildmen, Pulp and Fire – Archaeology as popular fiction
Christopher J. Evans

Comment from John Barrett to M. Braithwaite "Bare-faced, but not naked, ape" ARC 1(2):62-3
John Barrett and Mary Braithwaite

Book Reviews

Rites of the Gods
By Aubrey Burl
Reviewed by Richard Bradley

Glass and Archaeology
By Susan Frank
Reviewed by Colin Shell

Dark Age Economics
By Richard Hodges
Reviewed by Tim Champion

Archaeology - By Environmentalists? Environmental Archaeology
By Myra Shackley
The Environment in British Prehistory
Edited by Ian Simmons and Michael Tooley
Reviewed by Peter Rowley-Conwy

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