3.1 - The History of Archaeology

Spring 1984
Theme Editor: James B. McVicar


The History of Archaeology
James B. McVicar

History and Theoretical Development: The Importance of a Critical Historiography of Archaeology
Polly J. Fahnestock

Archaeology, Antiquities, and Taste
Grant R. Chambers

The imaginative response to archaeology in late nineteenth and early twentieth century literature
Alison Girdwood

Changing Images of Archaeology South Scandinavian Archaeology 1818 to 1978
Marie Louise Stig Sørensen

Social Change and the Growth of Antiquarian Studies in Tudor and Stuart England
James B. McVicar

Danish Archaeology in the 1980's
Kristian Kristiansen

Archaeological Production in a Political Context
Paul Sinclair

Towards an Archaeology of Women
Linda Boye, Bente Draiby, Kirsten Hvenegaard-Lassen, Vibe Ødegaard
Translated by Susan Holten-Dall
(The Women's Group, Department of Archaeology, Copenhagen, Denmark)

Archaeologists For Peace

The Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles

The New Commission
Colin Renfrew

Book Reviews

Archaeology in Central Europe: The First 500 Years
By Karel Sklenář
Reviewed by Nick Merriman

Early Palaeolithic in South and East Asia
Edited by F. Ikawa-Smith
Reviewed by Tim Reynolds

Ancient France
Edited by Chris Scarre
Reviewed by Grant Chambers

A History of Scandinavian Archaeology
By Ole Klindt-Jensen
Reviewed by Christopher Chippindale

Symbolic and Structural Archaeology
Edited by Ian Hodder
Reviewed by Valerie Pinsky

The Impact of Aerial Reconnaissance on Archaeology
Edited by G. S. Maxwell
Reviewed by Robert H. Bewley

Archaeological Approaches to the Present: Models for Reconstructing the Past
By John Yellen
Reviewed by Todd Whitelaw

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