3.2 - Archaeology and Texts

Autumn 1984
Theme Editor: John Bennet


Cuneiform catalysis: The first information revolution
J.N. Postgate

In the shadow of texts: Archaeology in Egypt
Barry J. Kemp

Archaeology and the literary tradition: An examination of the Indian context
Dilip K. Chakrabati

Mimaki and the matching game
Gina L. Barnes

Mesoamerican territorial boundaries: Reconstructions from archaeology and hieroglyphic writing
Joyce Markus

Text and context: Levels of approach to the integration of archaeological and textual data in the Late Bronze Aegean
John Bennet

Mycenaean archaeology and the Pylos texts
T.G. Palaima and C.W. Shelmerdine

Ethnohistory: The ancient authors' reports on Southwest Iberia - an example
Teresa Judice Gamito

General Perspectives

Shipwrecks and trade in the Mediterranean
A.J. Parker


They've Lost Their Marbles!
Gina L. Barnes

Institute of Field Archaeologists
Tony Gregory

Isabel Lisboa

The Gallery of World Prehistory and Local Archaeology, University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge: A Review
Nick Merriman

Book Reviews

Essays on Archaeological Typology
By R. Whallon and J.A. Brown
Reviewed by Gina L. Barnes

The Social Foundations of Prehistoric Britain: Themes and Variations in the Archaeology of Power
By R. Bradley
Reviewed by Simon Buteaux

Archaeological Hammers and Theories
By J. Moore and A.S. Keene
Reviewed by Valerie Pinsky

Philosophy and Archaeology
By M. Salmon
Reviewed by Polly J. Fahnestock

Explorations in Ethnohistory
By H.R. Harvey and H.J. Prem
Reviewed by Elizabeth Baquedano

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