4.1 - Surface Archaeology

Spring 1985
Theme Editor: Paul Lane


Dyke survey: An imperfect approach to the invisible
Francis Pryor

Topsoil and the archaeology of the Solway Plain 1981-84
R.H. Bewley

Scouring the surface: Approaches to the ploughzone in the Stonehenge environs
Julian Richards

Reveries of the solitary walker
Richard C. Barcham

Sites in the landscape: Approaches to the post-Roman settlement of south eastern England
Tom Williamson

Evaluating the contents of Sites and Monuments Records: An alternative approach
Nigel Holman

General Perspectives

Tradition and the cultural landscape: An archaeology of place
Christopher Evans

An unloved child: The problem of unpublished archaeological research
Paul Callow


Reviews of Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference 1984, Cambridge
Paul Lane, Bob Silvester and Ross Samson

No longer lavatories in the landscape
Tim Shadla-Hall

Women, Heritage and Museums
Victoria Pirie

Book Reviews

South East Asian Archaeology 1981
By B. Allchin (ed.)
Reviewed by Rima Hooja

Approaches to the Archaeological Heritage: A Comparative Study of World Cultural Resource Management Systems
By H. Cleere (ed.)
Reviewed by Christopher Chippindale

The Archaeology of Wetlands
By J. Coles
Reviewed by Nigel Holman

The European Iron Age
By J. Collis
Reviewed by John Alexander

Views of the Past. Essays in Old World Archaeology
By L.G. Freeman (ed.)
Reviewed by Tim Reynolds

Theory and Explanation in Archaeology
By C. Renfrew, M. Rowlands and B.A. Seagraves (eds)
Reviewed by Valerie Pinsky

The Many Dimensions of Pottery: Ceramics in Archaeology and Anthropology
By S.E. van der Leeuw and A.C. Pritchard (eds)
Reviewed by R. Michael Czwarno

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