4.2 - Aesthetics and Style

Autumn 1985
Theme Editor: James Whitley


Aesthetics and style
James Whitley

What is 'prehistoric art': a definition and its consequences
Christopher Chippindale

Documentation of prehistoric style: a practical approach
Robin Boast

Decoration, description and design
Timothy Taylor and James Whitley

Meaning and messages: mapping style in the Iberian Chalcolithic
Isabel M. Gomes Lisboa

"Style is the dress of thought"
Anthony Sinclair

Reflections on "Reflections on the Greek revolution"
Mary Beard

Editorial statement: the problems of unpublished articles
The Editors

Economy and ideology in the Swedish Bronze Age
Ulf Bertilsson and Thomas B. Larsson

Archaeological publishing at Cambridge: a critical history
Robin Derricourt

World Archaeological Congress: the ban on South Africa
Isabel Lisboa and James Whitley

ACT: Archaeologists Communicate and Transform
ACT: Phil Andrews, Duncan Brown, John Oxley, Sharon Pay, Ian Riddler

Archaeology in the Junior School: a cave art project
Steven Mithen

Obituary: Professor Glynn L. Isaac

Book Reviews

Ceramic Theory and Cultural Processes
By Dean E. Arnold
Reviewed by R. Michael Czwarno

Stonehenge Complete
By Christopher Chippindale
Reviewed by James McVicar

Neolithic Europe: A Survey
By Alasdair Whittle
Reviewed by Robin Boast

The Mycenaeans in Europe
By Anthony F. Harding
Reviewed by Tim Taylor

Symbols of Power at the Time of Stonehenge
By D.V. Clarke, T.G. Cowie and A. Foxon
Reviewed by Nick Merriman

Analyzing Activity Areas
By Susan Kent
Reviewed by Paul Lane

Prehistoric Europe
Edited by Tim Champion, Clive Gamble, Steve Shennan and Alisdair Whittle
Reviewed by Paul Rodgers

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