5.1 - Archaeology and Politics

Spring 1986
Theme Editors: Ajay Pratap and Nandini Rao


Archaeology and politics
Ajay Pratap and Nandini Rao

Archaeology and the politics of academic freedom
Thurstan Shaw

Norwegian archaeology and the people without (pre-)history: or how to create a myth of a uniform past
Björnar Olsen

The politics of assimilation in Japanese archaeology
Clare Fawcett

Archaeological praxis in West African historical preservation: Senegambia 1981
Keith Ray

Archaeology, ideology and development: Mozambican perspectives
Paul J.J. Sinclair

Reindeer and risk: simulating reindeer exploitation during the Upper Palaeolithic in the Perigord
Steven J. Mithen

Interpretation and criticism: a justification for archaeology
Matthew Johnson and Nigel Holman

Why the Congress had to go on
Tim Champion and Steve Shennan

Politics and ideology in the World Archaeological Congress 1986
Ian Hodder

The Tomb of Maya
Ian Shaw

Book Reviews

Archaeology from the Ploughsoil: Studies in the Collection and Interpretation of Field Survey Data
Edited by Colin Haselgrove, Martin Millett and Ian Smith
Reviewed by Nigel Holman

Journal of Danish Archaeology, Vols. 1-3 (1982-4)
Reviewed by Mike Parker Pearson

The Archaeology of Medieval England
By Helen Clarke
Reviewed by Matthew Johnson

European Economic Prehistory: A New Approach
By Robin Dennell
Reviewed by Anthony Sinclair

The Past is a Foreign Country
By David Lowenthal
Reviewed by Christopher Evans

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