5.2 - Creating Space

Autumn 1986
Theme Editors: Robin Boast and Eugenia Yiannouli


Creating space
Robin Boast and Eugenia Yiannouli

Assumptions and interpretations in the study of the Great Rebuilding
Matthew H. Johnson

Social ranking and spatial structure: examples from India
George Erdosy

The real and random architecture of Siphnos: analysing house plans using simulation
Eugenia Yiannouli & Steven J. Mithen

Past practices in the ritual present: examples from the Welsh Bronze Age
Paul Lane

The transformation of space: two examples from British prehistory
Robin Boast and Christopher Evans

Archaeology and the social sciences: why they should not be integrated
A. James M. Whitley

An appeal for women in archaeology
Charlotte Damm

The sweet small of the past
Fiona Burtt

Archaeology in a political context: examples from four Latin American countries
Alfonso Madrid

Book Reviews

Artefacts as Categories: A Study of Ceramic Variability in Central India
By Daniel Miller
Reviewed by Robin Boast

Some Small Harvest
By Glyn Daniel
Reviewed by Nigel Holman

Antiquarians, Historians and Archaeologists in Victorian England (1838-1886)
By Philippa Levine
Reviewed by John Moss-Eccardt

Stone Age Prehistory: Studies in Memory of Charles McBurney
Edited by G.N. Bailey and P. Callow
Reviewed by Tim Reynolds

Haliksa'i: UNM Contributions to Anthropology
Reviewed by Nigel Holman

Sweet Track to Glastonbury: The Somerset Levels in Prehistory
By John Coles and Bryony Coles
Reviewed by Isabel Richardson

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