6.1 - Time and Archaeology

Spring 1987
Theme Editors: Patricia Curry and Olivier de Montmollin


Time and archaeology
Patricia Curry and Olivier de Montmollin

Breaking the time barrier
Geoff Bailey

Chronos and the oracle: some thoughts on time, timescales and simulation
James McGlade

Abstract and substantial time
Michael Shanks and Christopher Tilley

The impact of the concepts of time and past on the concept of archaeology: some lessons from the reburial issue
Larry J. Zimmerman

Temporal and social scales in Prehispanic Mesoamerica
Olivier de Montmollin

Time and class: social aspects of time in 17th and 18th century England
Anthony Sinclair

Rationality versus relativism: a review of "Reading the Past" by Ian Hodder
James A. Bell

Reading Bell reading 'Reading the Past'
Ian Hodder

Glyn Daniel: an obituary
Kate Pretty

Transitional traditions
Anthony Sinclair

Book Reviews

Production and Exchange of Stone Tools
By Robin Torrence
Reviewed by Richard Bradley

The Palaeolithic Settlement of Europe
By Clive Gamble
Reviewed by Anthony Sinclair

The Szeletian and the Transition from Middle to Upper Palaeolithic in Central Europe
By P. Allsworth-Jones
Reviewed by Tim Reynolds

Space, Text and Gender
By Henrietta L. Moore
Reviewed by Paul Lane

Understanding Stone Tools: A Cognitive Approach
By D.E.Young and R. Bonnichsen
Reviewed by Mark Edmonds

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