6.2 - Archaeology as Education

Autumn 1987
Theme Editor: Nigel Holman and Fiona Burtt


Archaeology as education
Nigel Holman and Fiona Burtt

Archaeological education for everybody
Kate Pretty

Archaeology and its place in the primary school curriculum
Jonathan Kissock

A child's eye view of the past
Kathy Emmott

Confession of an archaeology who dug in school: or, is archaeology in schools a good or desirable thing?
J.D. Hill

"Man the Hunter": bias in children's archaeology books
Fiona Burtt

Teaching archaeology as perpetual revolution
Richard Reece

Archaeology and education in Ironbridge Gorge: a bridge with the past?
Nigel Holman

Out of the ashes... the Mainz congress and the World Archaeological Congress
Peter Stone

German acceptance of a world problem
Claudia Alberternst

Representing (dis)unity: Southampton, Cambridge and beyond
Ian Bapty and Tim Yates

What shall we dig and who will we pay?
A.J. Lawson

A visit to Ravenna
Matthew Johnson

The museum of an Iron Age
Frederick Baker & J.D. Hill

Book Reviews

The Elgin Marbles: Should they be Returned to Greece?
By Christopher Hitchins
Reviewed by Anthony Snodgrass

Property and Landscape: a Social History of the English Countryside
By Tom Williamson and Liz Bellamy
The Early Tudor Country House: Architecture and Politics (1490-1550)
By Maurice Howard
Reviewed by Matthew Johnson

Jersey in Prehistory
By Mark Patton
Reviewed by Ian Kinnes

Past Meets Present: Essays about Historic Interpretation and Public Audiences
Edited by Jo Blatti
Reviewed by Nigel Holman

The Human Uses of Flint and Chert
By G. de G. Sieveking and M.H. Newcomer
Reviewed by Andy Brown

Christian Jürgensen Thomsen und Ludwig Lindenschmidt, eine Gelehrtenkorrespondenz aus der Frühzeit der Altertumskunde (1853-1864)
Edited by J. Street-Jensen
Reviewed by John Moss-Eccardt

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