7.1 - Women in Archaeology

Spring 1988
Theme Editors: Karen Arnold, Roberta Gilchrist, Pam Graves and Sarah Taylor


Women and archaeology
Karen Arnold, Roberta Gilchrist, Pam Graves and Sarah Taylor

Is there a feminist contribution to archaeology?
Marie Louise Stig Sørensen

The spatial archaeology of gender domains: a case study of the medieval English nunneries
Roberta Gilchrist

Feminist archaeology and inquires into gender relations: some thoughts on universals, origin stories and alternating paradigms
Marcia-Anne Dobres

Powerful women and the myth of male dominance in Aztec society
Sharisse D. McCafferty and Geoffrey G. McCafferty

Superwomen, wonderwomen, great women and real women
Ross Samson

The women of Jorvik
Nancy Jo Chabot

Gender and mortuary analysis in pagan Anglo-Saxon archaeology
Karen A. Brush


History that hurts: excavating 1933-1945
Frederick Baker

To see or not to see: film in ethnoarchaeology
Ajay Pratap

Southampton, South Africa, WAC and Antiquity
Christopher Chippindale

Foreign Devils at the Court of the First Emperor
Simon Kaner

Book Reviews

Archaeology as Long Term History
Edited by Ian Hodder
Reviewed by Mike Rowlands

Proto-Indo-European: The Archaeology of a Linguistic Problem (Studies in Honour of Marija Gimbutas)
Edited by Susan Nacev Skomal and Edgar C. Polome
Archaeology and Language: The Puzzle of Indo-European Origins
By Colin Renfrew
Reviewed by Andrew Sherratt

A Traveller's Guide To Early Medieval Britain
By Anthony Goodman and Michael Cyprien
Reviewed by B. McD. Baker

Windows on the Japanese Past: Studies in Archaeology and Prehistory
Edited by Richard J. Pearson, Gina L. Barnes and Karl L. Hutterer
Reviewed by Sarah Taylor

The Historic City of Taxila
By Ahmed Hasan Dani
Reviewed by George Erdosy

Another Unique Species: Patterns in Human Evolutionary Ecology
By Robert Foley
Reviewed by Anthony Sinclair

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