7.2 - Archaeology and the Heritage Industry

Autumn 1988
Theme Editor: Frederick Baker


Archaeology and the heritage industry
Frederick Baker

The heritage industry reconsidered
Nick Merriman

Museums and heritage: is there really any conflict?
Alf Hatton

Towards a proper study of mankind
Richard Hodges

Marketing non-European art or 'third world' solidarity?
Volker Harms (Translated by Frederick Baker)

The road to Heri-Tat: archaeologists and interpretation
C.R. Wickham-Jones

Decision-making in the past
Philip Rahtz

Archaeological Heritage and Museums - A new M. Phil at the Department of Archaeology, Cambridge University

WAC & UISPP: the view from Down Under and across the Mainz
Vincent Megaw

Women in archaeology in Norway
Liv-Helga Dommasnes and Else Johansen Kleppe

Michael Schiffer and Processualism as Science with a Capitalist S
Tim Yates

The Cambridge Seminar on Post-Structuralism and Archaeology - An Organiser's Note
Tim Yates

A Reactionary View: Comments on The Cambridge Seminar on Post-Structuralism and Archaeology
Reinhard Bernbeck and Astrid Moeller

Announcements and News

Active Museum Revisited
Frederick Baker

The World Archaeological Congress: The first Inter-Congress - Archaeological ethics and the treatment of the dead

Book Reviews

The Great Museum: A Representation of History
By D. Horne
Reviewed by Anna Zissimatou

The Heritage Industry: Britain in a Climate of Decline
By Robert Hewson
Reviewed by Carol Boyne

Academic Freedom and Apartheid
By Peter Ucko
Reviewed by Philip Rahtz

Were They All Men? An Examination of Sex Roles in Prehistoric Society
Edited by Reidar Bertelsen, Arnvid Lillehammer, Jenny-Rita Næss
Reviewed by S.J. Taylor

The Archaeology of Contextual Meanings
Edited by Ian Hodder
Reviewed by Randell H. McGuire

Landscape and Culture
Edited by J. M. Wagstaff
Reviewed by Christopher Evans

The Journal of Prehistoric Religion (Volume 1)
Edited by Paul Åström and Jon van Leuven
Reviewed by D.W. Bailey

The Idea of Prehistory
By Glyn Daniel and Colin Renfrew
Reviewed by Tim Yates

An Archaeology of the Early Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms
By C.J. Arnold
Reviewed by Catherine Hills

Reconstructing Archaeology: Theory and Practice
By Michael Shanks and Christopher Tilley
Social Theory and Archaeology
By Michael Shanks and Christopher Tilley
Reviewed by Matthew Johnson

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