8.1 - Dangerous Liaisons? Archaeology in East and West

Spring 1989
Theme Editors: Simon Kaner and Sarah Taylor


Editorial: full of Eastern promise?
Simon Kaner and Sarah Taylor

Chinese archaeology: past and present
An Zhimin (Translated by Sarah Taylor)

Foreign archaeologists in Japan: strategies for exploitation
Peter Bleed

Chinese archaeology and the West
Chen Chun

Contemporary Japanese archaeology and society
Habu Junko

Morse's left hand
Maeda Mitsuo

Ethnicity in East Asia: approaches to the Wa
Mark J. Hudson

Lelang and the 'interaction sphere': an alternative approach to Korean state formation
Pai Hyung Il

Human sacrifice and ancient Chinese society
Huang Zhan Yue

The study of keyhole shaped tombs and Japanese archaeology
Hojo Yoshitaka (Translated by Simon Kaner)

Japan and world megaliths: a reflection on Hojo's study
Chris Scarre

Early iron metallurgy in Korea
Yoon Dong Suk

Technologies of the self and the constitution of the subject
Julian Thomas

Did anyone see which way the argument ran? It's wanted for questioning
William Watson

A paucity of theory: TAG '88
John Carman

Agency and the individual
Matthew Johnson

Latest news from the Active Museum of Berlin: ARC, UNESCO, and the red green coalition
Frederick Baker

Book Reviews

Archaeological Heritage Management in the Modern World
Edited by H. F. Cleere
Reviewed by John Carman

Conflict in the Archaeology of Living Traditions
Edited by R. Layton
Reviewed by A. Abramowicz

Centre and Periphery in the Ancient World: New Directions in Archaeology
Edited by M. Rowlands, M. Larsen and K. Kristiansen
Centre and Periphery: Comparative Studies in Archaeology
Edited by T. Champion
Reviewed by J.D. Hill

Studies in the Neolithic and Urban Revolutions: The V. Gordon Childe Colloquium - Mexico 1986
Edited by Linda Manzanilla
Reviewed by D.W. Bailey

Burial and Ancient Society
By I. Morris
Reviewed by Lisa Nevett

The Sea-Craft of Prehistory
By P. Johnstone
Reviewed by Cyprian Broodbank

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