8.2 - Writing Archaeology

Winter 1989
Theme Editor: Anthony Sinclair


Introduction: Writing arc-haeology
Anthony Sinclair

Reading, writing and the resurrection of the subject
Mary-Ann Owoc

The meanings of things
Ian Bapty

Digging with the pen
Christopher Evans

This is an article about archaeology as writing
Anthony Sinclair

General Perspectives

Making producers out of consumers
Frederick Baker

“Go and build an Iron Age house”, they said
Philip J. Wise


Archaeologists as politicians
John Carman

In search of the sacred…?
Simon Coleman

News from the Actives Museum, Berlin
Frederick Baker

Book Reviews

Debating Archaeology
By Lewis R. Binford
Reviewed by John Carman

The Power of Place
Edited by A. Agnew and James S. Duncan
Reviewed by Simon Kaner

The Mesolithic of Europe
Edited by Clive Bonsall
Reviewed by Anthony Sinclair

Prehistoric Architecture in Micronesia
By William N. Morgan
Reviewed by Peter Gathercole

The Knossos Labyrinth: a new view of the ‘Palace of Minos’ at Knossos
By Rodney Castleden
Reviewed by John Carman

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