9.2 - Affective Archaeology

Winter 1990
Theme Editors: John Carman and Jeremy Meredith


Introduction: Affective Archaeology
John Carman and Jeremy Meredith

C.D. DeRoche

Commodeties, Rubbish and Treasure: Valuing Archaeological Objects
John Carman

The Aesthetic Artefact: An Exploration of Emotional Response and Taste in Archaeology
Jeremy Meredith

Museologia or Museosophia
Paul Sant Cassia

From Laundry List and Ledgerwork to Tragedy and ode: A Review of The Trackers of Oxyrhnchus, a play by Tony Harrison
Sarah Hinds

The Agony and the Ecstasy: The Emotions of Writing the Past
Ina Bapty

General Perspectives

Analogy as Practical Reason: The Perception of Objects in Excavation Practice
Matthew Edgeworth

Sexist Language in Archaeological Discourse
Katie Evans

Communication in Archaeology: The Production, Consumption and Status of Archaeology in Eastern and Southern Africa
A.K. Segobye, A. Reid and I. Murambiwa


The World to Venezuela – Venezuela to the World: A Contextual View of the Second World Archaeological Congress
John Carman

On the Meaning of Words: Comments on Commentary
Pierre Lemonnier

Book Reviews

Special Review Section: West African Journal of Archaeology

Africa and the Lakato Hypothesis: Essays in Africa’s Social Archaeology
Edited by B.W. Andah
Reviewed by Alinah Segobye

West African Journal of Archaeology, Vol. 19
Edited by B. Andah
Reviewed by Ivan Murambiwa

Egypt’s Making: the origins of ancient Egypt 5000 – 2000
By Michael Rice
Reviewed by Michael Chazan

Caves of God: Cappadocia and its Churches
By Spiro Kostof
Reviewed by K.V. Dark

Aegean Seal, Sealings and Administration
Edited by Thomas G. Palaima
Reviewed by R.J. Matthews

The Walking Larder: Patterns of Domestication, Pastoralism and Predation
Edited by Juliet Clutton-Brock
Reviewed by N.P. Winder

Thoughtful Foragers: A Study of Prehistoric Decision-Makers
By S.J. Mithen
Reviewed by Anthony Sinclair

From the Baltic to the Black Sea: Studies in Medieval Archaeology
Edited by David Austin and Leslie Alcock
Reviewed by Matthew Johnson

The New Archaeology and its Aftermath: A View from Outside the Anglo-American World
By K. Paddaya
Reviewed by Simon Kaner

Rome’s Desert Frontier from the Air
Edited by David Kennedy and Derrick Riley
Reviewed by Kathryn Roberts

Seeing Beneath the Soil: Prospecting Methods in Archaeology
By Anthony Clark
Reviewed by Kathryn Roberts

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