10.1 - Interpreting Archaeological Science

Spring 1991
Theme Editors: Kathryn Roberts and Kevin C. MacDonald


Introduction: Interpreting Archaeological Science
Kathryn Roberts

Analysis and Synthesis: Compatible Activities or Separate Roles in Archaeological Science?
Martin Jones

Strategies of Collaboration: Science-based Archaeology in the Field
G.N. Bailey

What is Made Public by Publishing? A Synthesist’s View of Specialist Reports
Susie West

Science or Anti-Science?
Julian Thomas

Interpreting a Site: A Case for Reassessment of the Knossos Neolithic
N.P. Winder

Beyond Subsistence: Behavioural Reconstruction from Palaeoethnobotany
J.M. Hansen

Archaeozoology as Anthropology?
Kevin C. MacDonald

Interpreting Archaeological Science
A Discussion with Colin Renfrew and Ian Hodder

General Perspectives

Relative Values? Criticisms of Critical Theory
Paul Graves

Knowing the Past, Telling the Present: Putting Emotion into Archaeology
Alex West


Sexist Language in Archaeological Discourse: A Reply
Christopher Chippindale

Sexist Language: A Reply to Chippindale
Katie Evans

How Green Was Your Valley: Theoretical Archaeology Group 1990
Jonathan West

Book Reviews

Who Owns Stonehenge?
Edited by C. Chippindale

Avebury Reconsidered: from the 1660s to the 1990s
Edited by P.J. Ucko
Reviewed by Julian Thomas

Hunters of the Recent Past
Edited by L.B. Davies and O.K. Reeves
Reviewed by Ruth Charles

The Archaeology of Rural Ireland
By Nancy Edwards
Reviewed by Mim Bolaney

Symbols and Image in Celtic Religious Art
By Miranda Green
Reviewed by Mim Bolaney

Reading the Past (Revised Edition)
By Ian Hodder
Reviewed by William Griffin

Ancient Egypt: Anatomy of a Civilisation
By Barry J. Kemp
Reviewed by Delwen Samuel

By Caroline Malone
Reviewed by J.D. Hill

The Emergence of Civilisation: From Hunting and Gathering to Agriculture, Cities, and the State in the Near East
By Charles K. Maisels
Reviewed by R.J. Matthews

Archaeological Curatorship
By Susan Pearce
Reviewed by Ivan Murambiwa

Critical Traditions in Contemporary Archaeology
By Valerie Pinksy and Alsion Wylie
Reviewed by Alice B. Kehoe

Egyptian Mummies
By G. Elliot Smith and Warren R. Dawson
Reviewed by Rachel M. MacDonald

White Mythologies: Writing History in the West
By Robert Young
Reviewed by John Carman

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