10.2 - Archaeology in Context

Winter 1991
Theme Editor: Jonathan Last


Introduction: archaeology in context
Jonathan Last

Practising post-processualism? Classics and archaeological theory
Jonathan Hall

Some recent approaches to style and social reconstruction in classical archaeology
Michael Shanks

Beating the bounds: archaeological heritage management as archaeology, archaeology as social science
John Carman

Walking\digging\building: an archaeology of modern art
Jonathan Last

Frontiers in discourse: the nature of theoretical discussion in German archaeology
Ulrike Sommer

BANEA 1991 - Conference report
Toby A.H. Wilkinson

The structure of the past: archaeology and the long-term
Jonathan Last

Book Reviews

The Sacred Identity of Ephesos: Foundation Myths of a Roman City
By Guy M. Rogers
Reviewed by Susan Alcock

The Romanization of Britain: An Essay in Archaeological Interpretation
By Martin Millet
Reviewed by Robert Rippengal

Pliny on Art and Society: The Elder Pliny's Chapters on the History of Art
By Jacob Isagar
Reviewed by Jeremy J. Tanner

The Archaeology of Ancient Sicily
By R. Ross Holloway
Reviewed by D.H. Trump

Religion in Ancient Egypt: Gods, Myths, and Personal Practice
Edited by E. Shafer
The Private Chapel in Ancient Egypt: A Study of the Chapels in the Workmen's Village at El Amarna with Special Reference to Deir el Medina and Other Sites
By Ann H. Bomann
Reviewed by Geraldine Pinch

Dark Age Navel Power: A Reassessment of Frankish and Anglo-Saxon Seafaring Activity
By John Hayward
Reviewed by Mim Bower

The Archaeology of Inequality
Edited by Randal H. McGuire and Robert Paynter
Domination and Resistance
Edited by D. Miller, M. Rowlands and C. Tilley
Reviewed by John Carman

The Politics of the Past
Edited by Peter Gathercole and David Lowenthal
Reviewed by Alinah Segobye

Archaeological Theory in Europe: The Last Three Decades
Edited by Ian Hodder
Reviewed by Laurent Olivier

Exhibitions in Museums
By Michael Belcher
Beyond the Glass Case: The Past, Heritage and the Public
By Nick Merriman
Reviewed by John Carman

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