11.1 - In the Midst of Life

Summer 1981
Theme Editors: Sarah Tarlow and Brian Boyd


Sarah Tarlow and Brian Boyd

The archaeology of the archaeology of death
Ian Kinnes

The transformation of knowledge: Natufian mortuary practices at Hayonim, western Galilee
Brian Boyd

A historiography of a linear barrow cemetery: a structurationist’s point of view
Koji Mizoguchi

The tomb of Hochdorf (Baden-Wurttemberg): some comments on the nature of archaeological funerary material
Laurent Olivier

A game of tombs: the use of funerary practices in the conflict between Etruscans and Romans in the second and first centuries B.C. in Chuisi, Tuscany
Diura Thoden van Velzen

Images and contexts of infants and infant burials: some thoughts on cross-cultural evidence
Eleanor Scott

The significance of mortuary ritual in the political manipulation of the landscape
Sam Lucy

The social life of the Andean dead
Bill Sillar

Each slow dusk a drawing-down of blinds
Sarah Tarlow

Displaying death: ‘The Art of Death’ exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Nigel Llewellyn

Forensic archaeology
Joe Davis

John C. Barrett

General Perspectives
Joe Kovacik

Book Reviews

Minoans: Life in Bronze Age Crete
By Rodney Castleden
Reviewed by Kathryn Roberts

Points in Time: Structure and Event in a Late Northern Plains Hunting Society
By Philip Duke
Reviewed by Anthony Sinclair

Sacred and Profane: Proceedings of a Conference on Archaeology, Ritual and Religion (Oxford 1989)
Edited by P. Garwood, D. Jennings, R. Skeates and J. Toms
Reviewed by Jeremy Dronfield

Ancient Egypt: Anatomy of a Civilization
By Barry J. Kemp
Reviewed by Delwen Samuel

The Social Archaeology of Houses
Edited by Ross Samson
Reviewed by Joseph Kovacik

Experiencing the Past: On the Character of Archaeology
By Michael Shanks
Reviewed by Roberta Gilchrist

Rethinking the Neolithic
By Julian Thomas
Reviewed by Jonathan Last and John Carman

Late Stone Age Hunters of the British Isles
By Christopher Smith
Reviewed by Nyree Finlay

The Palaeoethnobotany of Franchthi Cave, Greece (Excavations at Franchthi Cave, Greece: Fascicle 7)
By Julie M. Hansen
Reviewed by Mark Nesbitt

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