12.2 - The Hierarchy of Being Human

Autumn 1993
Theme Editor: Mark Lake and Paul Pettitt


Hominid Enculturation and Cognitive Evolution
M. Donald

Falling into History: Hominid Conceptions of Time at the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic Transition
P.B. Pettitt and B.A. Schumann

Concepts of Time and “Presencing” in the Mesolithic
M. Zvelebil

Ape and Essence
P. Graves-Brown

General Perspectives

How was it for you? Personal Psychology and the Perception of the Past
S. James

Book Reviews

Archaeology and the Methodology of Science
By Jane H. Kelley and Marsha P. Hane
Reviewed by M.P. Stopp

English Heritage book of Flag Fen Prehistoric Fenland Centre
By Francis Pryor
Reviewed by Mim Bower

Tintagel – Arthur and Archaeology
By Charles Thomas
Reviewed by Paul Struth

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