13.2 - Perspectives on Children and Childhood

Winter 1994
Theme Editor: Jo Sofaer Derevenski


Jo Sofaer Derevenski

Where are the children? Accessing children in the past
Jo Sofaer Derevenski

Children in Early Medieval cemeteries
Sam Lucy

Dying young: the experience of death at Deir el Medina
Lynn Meskell

Playing with God: cultural perceptions of children, play and miniatures in the Andes
Bill Sillar

Attitudes and prejudices towards infanticide: Carthage, Rome and today
K. Alexandra Lee

Constructing a methodology for the interpretation of childhood age in Classical Athenian iconography
Lesley A. Beaumont

The mission station as "The Enchanter's Wand": Protestant missionaries, Maori and the notion of the household
Tony Ballantyne

Children confront the Other: portrayals of Neanderthals in juvenile non-fiction books
Blythe E. Roveland

Book Reviews for & by Children

Diura Thoden van Velzen & Jo Sofaer Derevenski

Eyewitness Guides: Archaeology
By Jane McIntosh
Reviewed by Robin Boast, Bronwen Richards, Nicola Sexton and Kate Scicluna

The Kingfisher Book of the Ancient World
By H.M. Martell
Reviewed by Jane McIntosh, Andrew Field and Hayley Fordham

The Young Oxford Book of Archaeology
By Norah Moloney
Reviewed by Simon Kaner and Matthew Green

Pompeii and Herculaneum
By Peter Hicks
Reviewed by John Carman, Patricia Carman, Tim Jones, Jack Haughton, Stuart Pollard and Elizabeth Berry

How Do We Know Where People Came From?
By Mike Corbishley
Reviewed by Carolyn Szmidt, Jennifer Pennington, Lucy Hann and Aimee Mason

Ancient Rome (Eyewitness Guides)
By Simon James
Reviewed by Catherine Hills, Katherine Hanslip, Nicola Easton and Kate Elliott

Bodies from the Past
By Robin Place
Reviewed by Corinne Duhig, Jennifer Pennington and Lucy Hann

Book Reviews

The Swastika: Constructing the Symbol
By Malcolm Quinn
Reviewed by John Carman

Nationalism and Archaeology in Europe
Edited by Margarita Díaz-Andreu and Timothy C. Champion
Reviewed by Lynn Meskell

Irish Prehistory: A Social Perspective
By Gabriel Cooney and Eoin Grogan
Reviewed by Carleton Jones

Det skjulte Kjønn. Patriakal tradisjon og feministik visjon I arkeologien belyst med fokus på en jernalderkontekst ("The hidden sex" patriarchal tradition and feminist vision in archaeology, examined with the focus on an Iron Age context). Acta Archaeologica Lundensia Series in 8. NO.19
By Tove Hjørungdal
Reviewed by Laurent Olivier (Translated from the French by N. Milner & H. Jacquim)

Towns, Villages and Countryside of Celtic Europe: From the Beginning of the Second Millenium to the End of the First Century B.C.
By Françoise Audouze and Olivier Buchsenschutz
Reviewed by Carleton Jones

Archaeological Theory: Who Sets the Agenda?
Edited by Norman Yoffee and Andrew Sheratt
Reviewed by John Carman

Fountains Abbey
By Glyn Coppack
Reviewed by J.A.R. Compton-Davey

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