14.2 - An Archaeological Assortment

1997 (for 1995)
Theme Editors: Nicky Milner and Dorian Q Fuller


The Concepts of Economy and Habitus in the Study of Later Medieval Cermaic Assemblages
C.G. Cumberpatch

How Town Plans Reflect Society
Marlies Heinz

Megaliths, Monumentality and Memory
Cornelius J. Holtorf

A "Relatively" "Good" Interpretation of Cognitive "Processes": Questioning theory tests of the social mind
Michael D. Franchetti

When Archaeology Meets Clio: A Critical Reflection on Writing the History of Archaeology
Ola W. Jensen

Phenomenology, Perception and the Museum
Sue Ballard

Insidious or Just Boring? An examination of academic writing in archaeology
Nicole Boivin


"Is academic archaeological writing boring?" "Maybe" "Uninteresting?" "Never": A reply to Boivin
Chris Stevens

Conference Reviews

Summary of Critical Histories Meeting, 4 November 1995, McDonald Institute, Cambridge
Sam Lucy, Sue Thomas and J.D. Hill

Conference Reviews

Down from Olympus: Archaeology and Philhellensism in Germany, 1750 – 1970
By S.L. Marchand
Reviewed by M.A. Morse

Interpreting Archaeology. Finding Meaning in the Past
Edited by I. Hodder et al.
Reviewed by Darren Lee Long

Social Approaches to Viking Studies
Edited by R. Samson
Reviewed by K. Bornholdt

The Archaeology of Ethnicity. Constructing Identities in the Past and Present
By S. Jones
Reviewed by M. Ravn

Archaeology, Annales and Ethnohistory
Edited by A.B. Knapp

The Annales School and Archaeology
Edited by J. Binliff
Reviewed by Chris Gosden

The Concept of Goddess
Edited by S. Billington and M. Green
Reviewed by Sophie Bergerbrant

Preserving the Past
Edited by M. Hunter
Reviewed by W.F. Baxter

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