15.1 - The Archaeology of Perception and the Senses

Theme Editors: Carleton Jones and Chris Hayden


Interpreting the perceptions of past people
Carleton Jones

In the footsteps of the ancestors: a critical review of Christopher Tilley’s “A Phenomenology of Landscape: Places, Paths, and Monuments”
Joanna Brück

Retrieval and revision in the interpretation of megalithic art
Muiris O’Sullivan

Obesity, monuments and hierarchy: perceptions of size in Temple Period Malta
Chris Hayden

Perceptions and interpretations of architecture: a view from the middle ages
Tadhg O’Keefe

The hunter’s eye: visual perception and Palaeolithic art
Steve Hudson

Mounds, megalithis, music and mind: some thoughts on the acoustical properties and purposes of archaeological spaces
Graeme Lawson, Ian Cross, Chris Scarre and Catherine Hills

Book Reviews

A History of Engineering in Classical and Medieval Times
By D. Hill
Reviewed by Quinton Carroll

African Material Culture
By M.J. Arnoldi, C.M. Geary and K.L. Hardin
Reviewed by David N. Edwards

The Archaeology of Human Ancestry. Power, Sex and Tradition
Edited by J. Steele and S. Shennan
Reviewed by Chantal Conneller

Architecture and Power in the Ancient Andes: The archaeology of public buildings
By J.D. Moore
Reviewed by Conn Murphy

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