15.2 - Disability and Archaeology

Theme Editor: Nyree Finlay


Disabling Archaeology: An Introduction
Nyree Finlay

Accessing the Inaccessible: Disability and Archaeology
Morag Cross

Orthopaedic Disability: Some Hard Evidence
Christopher J. Knüsel

The Palaeopathology of Disability in the Middle Ages
Irina Meltzer

Archaeological Evidence for Attitudes to Disability in the Past
Theya Molleson

Disability in the Skeletal Record: Assumptions, Problems and Some Examples
Charlotte Roberts

Commentary – Observations on Disability and Archaeology
Tom Shakespeare

General Perspectives

The Name of Foucault: An Experimental Exploration of the Works of Umberto Eco
Martin Porr

Book Reviews

Native American Archaeologists. Stepping Stones to Common Ground
Edited by S. Swindler et al.
Reviewed by Darrin Lee Long

Museums and Archaeology in West Africa
Edited by C.D. Ardouin
Reviewed by Darrin Lee Long

Thera in the Bronze Age
By P. Young Forsyth
Reviewed by Ina Berg

Ethnic Identity in Greek Antiquity
By J.M. Hall
Reviewed by Neil Brodie

The Goths
By P. Heather
Reviewed by Mads Ravn

Social Construction of the Past: Representation as Power
Edited by G.C. Bond and A. Gilliam
Reviewed by John Carman

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