17.1 - New approaches to the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic

Spring 2000
Theme Editor: Chantal Conneller


Chantal Conneller

The Palaeolithic and post-processualism: a pragmatic approach?
William Davies

Signs of the times: a different approach to the origins of the Lower Palaeolithic handaxes
Martin Porr

Out of place, out of time: Palaeolithic art and material culture
Alexander Verpoorte

Searching for ethnic signatures in the Late Palaeolithic of northwestern Europe
Ruth Charles

Deer Prudence
Nyree Finlay

The power and violence of the archers: all is not well down in Ambridge. (A study of representational Mesolithic warriors from the Spanish Levant)
George Nash

Go forth and multiply? Gradual population growth re-assessed - a case study from Mesolithic Northern England
Penny Spikins

Ancestral places in the Mesolithic landscape
Joshua Pollard

Fragmented space? Hunter-gatherer landscapes of the Vale of Pickering
Chantal Conneller

Book Reviews

A Dictionary of Archaeology
Edited by Ian Shaw and Robert Jameson
Reviewed by Ulla Rajala

Neolithic Landscapes
Edited by Peter Topping
Reviewed by Robert Johnston

An African Classical Age
By Christopher Ehret
Reviewed by Niall Finneran

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