17.2 - Early Medieval Religion

Theme Editor: Aleks Pluskowski


Why I Feel Cheated by the Term Christianisation
William Kilbride

Bloodlust, Salvation or Fertile Imagination? Human Sacrifice in Early Medieval Northern Europe
Philippa Patrick

The Sacred Gallows: Sacrificial Hanging to Óđinn
Aleks Pluskowski

The Conversion of Scandinavia: A Sudden Event or a Gradual Process?
Anne-Sofie Gräslund

The Mission of the Triangle: The Christianisation of the Saxons, West Slavs and Danes in a Comparative Analysis
Jörn Staecker

Art as a Reflection of Religion Change: The Process of Christianisation as Shown in the Ornamentation on Runestones
Linn Lager

West and East: Two Sides to the Same Coin? On Variation and their Significance in Inhumation Burials in Eastern Central Sweden c.950 – 1150 AD
Gunnar Andersson

Equality, Humility and Non-Materialism? Christianity and Anglo-Saxon Burial Practices
Dawn Hedley

Book Reviews

Ancient Warfare
Edited by J. Carman and A. Harding
Reviewed by Aleks Pluskowski

Oxford Archaeological Guides
By A. Clardige
Reviewed by Stephanie Meece

Kinship, Networks and Exchange: Structural Analysis in the Social Sciences, Vol. 12
By T. Schweitzer and D.R. White
Reviewed by Robert Harding


The Cognitive Rag
Paul Halstead, Glynis Jones, Peter Rowley-Conwy and Todd Whitelaw

Archaeologia Chauvinistica


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