18 - Medieval Animals

June 2002
Theme Editor: Aleks Pluskowski


A few words on animals…
Aleks Pluskowski

Medieval zooarchaeology: what are we trying to do?
Terry O'Connor

King of all beasts, beast of all kings: lions in Anglo-Saxon coinage and art
Anna Gannon

The role of zooarchaeology in the interpretation of socioeconomic status: a discussion with reference to Medieval Europe
Steven P. Ashby

A new interpretation of the Witham Bowl and its animal imagery
Paul Sorrell

The black rat and the plague
Graham Twigg

Love letters to bare bones: a comparison of two types of evidence for the use of animals in Medieval Novgorod
Mark Bisbane and Mark Maltby

Birds on the stream of consciousness: riddles 7 to 10 of the Exeter Book
Audrey L. Meaney

Hares with crossbows and rabbit bones: integrating physical and conceptual studies of Medieval fauna
Aleks Pluskowski

Book Reviews

Later Anglo-Saxon England: Life and Landscape
By Andrew Reynolds
Reviewed by Philippa Patrick

Traces of Templars
By George F. Tull
Reviewed by Aleks Pluskowski

European Paganism: The Realities of Cult from Antiquity to the Middle Ages
By Ken Dowden
Reviewed by Aleks Pluskowski

An End to Prejudices, Stereotypes and Simplifications about German Archaeology: Archaeology, Ideology and Society -- The German Experience
Edited by Heinrigh Härke
Reviewed by Cornelius Holtorf

It's About Time: The Concept of Time in Archaeology
Edited by Håken Karlsson
Reviewed by Adam Gutteridge

Cultural Identity and Archaeology: The Construction of European Communities
Edited by Paul Graves-Brown, Siân Jones and Clive Gamble
Reviewed by Stella Souvatzi

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