19.1 - Art and Archaeology: Unmasking Material Culture

April 2004
Theme Editor: David A. Barrowclough


Colin Renfrew

Art and archaeology, unmasking material culture: Introduction
David A. Barrowclough

Archaeology and aesthetics
James O. Young

Art and mathematics
Susanne K├╝chler

Art as social momentum: Coming into being in Yolnu art
Marcia Langton and Bruno David

Icons and idols: Meeting Romans through their art
Martin Henig

Antiquity and modern art in Britain c. 1930-1950
Sam Smiles

How little does it take to represent a face?
David A. Barrowclough

Walking into existence: Prehistory and the sculpture of Richard Long
Ian Whightman

Maybe art or artefact: Cornelia Parker and the body behind the glass
Christine Finn

Disjecta cogitata
Robert Williams

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