19.2 - Reconsidering Ethnicity: Material Culture and Identity in the Past

November 2004
Theme Editors: Susanne E. Hakenbeck and Steven G. Matthews


Reconsidering ethnicity: An introduction
Susanne E. Hakenbeck

Creoles in Iron Age Norway?
Jostein Bergstøl

Extraordinary uses of ordinary objects: material reflections of ethnicity and community identity at the cemeteries of the First African Baptist Church, Philadelphia
John P. McCarthy

Ethnic tensions in early medieval cemeteries in Bavaria
Susanne E. Hakenbeck

Gesture, gender, ethnicity: the instantiated communities of Bronze Age Europe
Steven G. Matthews

Building a Black British identity through archaeology
Richard Paul Benjamin

Ethnicity and identity: politically charged issues in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Caroline Phillips

The archaeology of ethnicity in Lebanon: the case of the National Museum of Beirut
Lina Gebrail Tahan

Conclusion: Wither to, ethnicity?
Steven G. Matthews

Book Reviews

Edited by Brad Gravina

Origins of the English
By Catherine Hills
Reviewed by Aleks Pluskowski

Private Life in New Kingdom Egypt
By Lynn Meskell
Reviewed by Morag Kersel

An Archaeological History of Japan
By Koji Mizoguchi
Reviewed by Alexandra Hemming

Britons and Romans
Edited by Martin Millett and Simon James
Reviewed by Scott Martin

Theory and Practice in Late Antique Archaeology
Edited by Luke Lavan and William Bowden
Reviewed by Adam Gutteridge

Archaeological Theory and Scientific Practice
By Andrew Jones
Reviewed by Ulla Rajala

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