20.1 - Active Landscapes: Palaeolithic to Present

April 2005
Theme Editor: Mary Chester-Kadwell


Mary Chester-Kadwell

Graeme Barker

Real and unreal landscapes
Ben Croxford

"To boldly go where no (hu-)man has gone before": some thoughts on the pioneer colonisation of pristine landscapes
Felix Riede

Dancing in time: activating the prehistoric landscape of Lancashire
David A. Barrowclough

Constructive consumption: feasting in Iron Age Britain and Europe
Sarah Ralph

Metal-detector finds in context: new light on ‘Dark Age’ cemeteries in the landscape of Norfolk
Mary Chester-Kadwell

Memory, landscapes and the Early Historic monasteries of Scotland
Megan E. Meredith-Lobay

Archaeology, landscapes and dreams: science, sacred offerings, and the practice of archaeology
Kevin Lane and Alexander Herrera

Book Reviews

Edited by Brad Gravina

Archaeology and Colonialism
By Chris Gosden
Reviewed by Stephanie Wynne-Jones

Colouring the Past
Edited by Andrew Jones and MacGregor
Reviewed by Fraser Sturt

Farming in the First Millenium AD
By Peter J. Fowler
Reviewed by Rachael Ballantyne

The Archaeology of Religious Hatred
By Eberhard Sauer
Reviewed by Ben Croxford

Behaviour behind Bones
Edited by Sharyn Jones O’Day, Wim van Neer and Anton Ervynck
Reviewed by Jo Wilson

Colonisation, Migration and Marginal Areas
Edited by Mariana Mondini, Sebastian Munoz and Stephen Wickler
Reviewed by Krish Seetah

Colonization of Unfamiliar Landscapes
Edited by Marcy Rockman and James Steele
Reviewed by Alexandra Hemming

By Dean Falk
Reviewed by Iain Morley

Our Precious Past
Edited by David Barrowclough
Reviewed by Naoise MacSweeney

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