20.2 - Issues of Food and Drink: An Interdisciplinary Approach

November 2005
Theme Editor: Sarah Ralph


Sarah Ralph

Embodied material culture
Michael Dietler

Private feasts at Deir el-Medina: aspects of eating and drinking in an ancient Egyptian village
Frederik Hagen & Henriette Koefoed

Eat, drink and be Roman? Feasting Later Iron Age and Early Roman Britain
Sarah Ralph

Food for thought: Campanian still lifes
Isabel Danaher

Food, drink and the 'Other' in the Celtiberian city-state of Segeda I (Zaragoza, Spain)
Francisco Burillo Mozota & Aarón Alzola Romero

Glass vessels in Ludenwic: an illustration of the contextual approach to fragments
Rose Clark

An archaeology of overindulgence
Philippa Patrick

De la nata y el ripio': drinking coffee, changes and social notions of quality in Colombia
Jairo Tocancip√°-Falla

Ethical authenticity, artefacts and value systems
Patrizia Brusaferro

Community spirit -- distilling Scottish identity: the case of Strathblane
David A. Barrowclough

Book Reviews

Archaeological Theory and the Politics of Cultural Heritage
By Laurajane Smith
Reviewed by Gordon B. Lobay

Ur, The City of the Moon God
By Harriet Crawford
Reviewed by Silvia Ferrari

Andean Archaeology
Edited by Helaine Silverman
Reviewed by Alexander Herrera

The Langdales: Landscape and Prehistory in a Lakeland Valley
By Mark Edmonds
Reviewed by Rob Law

The Neolithic of the Irish Sea: Materiality and Traditions of Practice
Edited by Vicki Cummings and Chris Fowler
Reviewed by Jessica Beckett

Material Culture and Other Things: Post-disciplinary Studies in the Twenty-first Century
Edited by Frederik Fahlander and Terje Oestigaard
Reviewed by Rose Clark

The Materiality of Stone: Explorations in Landscape Phenomenology
By Christopher Tilley
Reviewed by Isabelle Vella Gregory

By Mark Gillings and Josh Pollard
Reviewed by David Robinson

Gender and Chinese Archaeology
Edited by Katheryn M. Linduff and Yan Sun
Reviewed by David Steel

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