22.1 - The Materiality of Burial Practices

April 2007
Theme Editors: Alice Stevenson and Natalie C.C. White

Alice Stevenson

Creating identities of death: Charcoal burial in early medieval England
James Holloway

Robbing the dead at Gamla Uppsala, Sweden
Alison Klevnas

Archaic chamber tombs as material objects: The materiality of burial places and its effect on modern research agendas and interpretations
Ulla Rajala

Image into reality: The vignette of Spell 151 of the Book of the Dead, and its integration throughout the burial of Sennedjem
Jenna Spellane

The aesthetics of Predynastic Egyptian burial: Funerary performances in the fourth millennium BC
Alice Stevenson

Lines of Sight: An encounter with Classical Attic grave stele
Susanne Turner

The emotive force of early medieval mortuary practices
Howard Williams

Mike Parker Pearson

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