22.2 - The Disturbing Past

November 2007
Theme Editors: James Holloway and Alison Klevnas


James Holloway and Alison Kelvnas

Bridging the Emotional Gulf: Reflections on the Excavation of Traumatic Memories
Victoria Sanford

The Dead and the Sleeping, How Alike They Are: A Case of Reverential Archaeology
Christine Finn

The Fallen, the Front and the Finding: Archaeology, Human Remains and the Great War
Martin Brown

Psycho-Social Issues and Approaches in Forensic Archaeology
Ian Hanson

The Politics of Forgetting on the Island of Alderney
Gilly Carr

Authority Over Human Remains: Geneaology, Relationship Detachment
Piotr Bienkowski

Sarah Tarlow

Book Reviews and Notes

Edited by Elizabeth Whitton

Documenta Praehistorica XXXII
Edited by Mihael Budja
Reviewed by Isabelle Vella Gregory

Excavating Asian History: Interdisciplinary Studies in Archaeology and History
Edited by Norman Yoffee & Bradley L. Crowel
Reviewed by Jason Hawkes

Bioarchaeology of Southeast Asia
By Marc Oxenham and Nancy Tayles
Reviewed by Lindsay Lloyd-Smith

New Museums and the Making of Culture
By Kylie Message
Reviewed by Michael Squire

Homo Britannicus
By Chris Stringer
Reviewed by Wendy A. Morrison

The Mote of Mark: A Dark Age Hillfort in South-West Scotland
By Lloyd Laing and David Longley
Reviewed by Christopher Morley

Death and Memory in Early Medieval Britain
By Howard Williams
Reviewed by James Holloway

Mimbres Society
Edited by Valli S. Powell-Marti and Patricia A. Gilman
Reviewed by Jamie K. Anderson

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