24.1 - Invention and Reinvention: Perceptions and Archaeological Practice

April 2009
Theme Editor: Tera C. Pruitt and Donna Yates


Donna Yates and Tera C. Pruitt

Where is Reflexive Map-Making in Archaeological Research? Towards a Place-Based Approach
James Flexner

Evaluation of a Reflexive Attempt: The Citytunnel Project in Retrospect
Åsa Berggren

Beyond the Viewing Platform: Excavations and Audiences
Gabriel Moshenska

Contextualising Alternative Archaeology: Socio-Politics and Approaches
Tera C. Pruitt

Royal Jelling: Danish National Heritage Reinvented
Mette Bjerrum Jensen

Digital Simulation, Mediating Agents and the Implied Historical Object: Towards an Understanding of Mediaeval Jewellery Objects
David Humphrey

Sights of Invention: Deconstructing Depictions of the Earliest Colonisations of Australia and Oceania in the Academic Archaeological Literature
Sara Perry

Adding a Literary Bent to Historical Archaeology
Laurie A. Wilkie

Twenty-First-Century Reinventions of Alexander, Xerxes and Jaguar Paw: A Critique of Apocalypto and Popular Media Depictions of the Past
Traci Ardren

Science and the Epistemology of Culture: How We Known What We 'Know' About Human Burials in Chaco Canyon
Kerriann Marden

Text, Narrative, Evidence: Travel Writings and Archaeological Perspectives of Amazonia
Anna T. Browne Ribeiro

Reinventing an Old Discourse: Neolithic Cultural Similarity Across Eurasia
David Steel

Book Reviews and Notes

Edited by Nisha Doshi

Dame Kathleen Kenyon: Digging up the Holy Land
By Miriam C. Davis
Naomi Farrington

Artifact Classification: A Conceptual and Methodological Approach
By Dwight W. Read
Ben Jervis

The Agricultural Revolution in Prehistory: Why Did Foragers Become Farmers?
By Graeme Barker
The Neolithic Revolution in the Near East: Transforming the Human Landscape
By Alan Simmons
David Orton

Fire as an Instrument: The Archaeology of Pyrotechnologies
Edited by Dragos Gheorghiu
Alexander J.E. Pryor

Space—Archaeology’s Final Frontier? An Intercontinental Approach
Edited by Roderick B. Salisbury and Dustin Keeler
Pat Reynolds

Heads of State: Icons, Power, and Politics in the Ancient and Modern Andes
By Denise Y. Arnold and Christine A. Hastorf
Leigh Stork

Palaeolithic Cave Art at Creswell Crags in European Context
Edited by Paul Pettitt, Paul Bahn and Sergio Ripoll
Sam Wake

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