24.2 - Beyond Determinism? Engagement and Response in Human-Environment Interactions

November 2009
Theme Editors: Robyn H. Inglis and Alexander J.E. Pryor


Robyn H. Inglis and Alexander J.E. Pryor

Issues in Current Archaeological Research on Human-Environment Interactions: Perspectives from South Asia
V. Selvakumar

Scoping the Past Human Environment: A Case Study of Pollen Taphonomy at the Haua Fteah Cyrenaica, Libya
David J. Simpson and Chris O. Hunt

A Strong Climatic Component to the Gravettian Occupation of Central Europe
Clea Paine

Climate Change and the Broad Spectrum Revolution in Europe?
Sarah Roberts

The First of a Series of Disasters? Pompeii and the Aftermath of an Early Bronze Age Eruption
Monica Nilsson

Understanding the Causes of Abandonment in the Maya Lowlands
Thomas Guderjan, Timothy Beach, Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach and Steven Bozarth

Changing Attitudes Towards Wilderness in Early Modern Finland
Anna-Kaisa Puputti

Situating Nature: Exploring Perceptions of Human-Environment Interactions in Mediaeval Wesern Europe c. AD 800-1550
Andrew Seaman

Beyond Determinism: A Commentary
Terry O'Connor

Book Reviews

Edited by Victoria Pia Spry-Marqués

Mesolithic Europe
By Geoff Bailey and Penny Spikins
Reviewed by Andrea L. Balbo

Gender Through Time in the Ancient Near East
Edited by Diane Bolger
Reviewed by Kirsten M. Bedigan

The Monetary Systems of the Greeks and Romans
Edited by William V. Harris
Reviewed by Darrell J. Rohl

Ancestral Zuni Glaze-Decorated Pottery: Viewing Pueblo IV Regional Organization through Ceramic Production and Exchange
By Deborah L. Huntley
Reviewed by Kit Nelson

Childhood in the Past: An International Journal, Volume 1
Edited by Eileen Murphy
Reviewed by Gabriel Moshenska

Food in Medieval England: Diet and Nutrition
Edited by Christopher M. Woolgar, Dale Serjeantson and Tony Waldron
Reviewed by David Klingle

Preserving the Cultural Heritage of Africa: Crisis or Renaissance?
Edited by Kenjii Yoshida and John Mack
Reviewed by Sarah Foster

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