25.2 - Boundaries and Archaeology

November 2010
Theme Editors: Mark Sapwell and Victoria Pia Spry-Marqués


Mark Sapwell and Victoria Pia Spry-Marqués

Double Standards and 'Boundary Bias' at the European Middle-to-Upper Palaeolithic Transition? An Examination of the Treatment of Evidence for Palaeolithic Habitation Structures
Jennifer French

Who is a Hunter-Gatherer? Interrogating the Concepts of Hunting and Gathering Among the Farming Communities in Zimbabwean Archaeology
Ancila Nhamo

Movement and Materiality: Mobile Cores and the Archaeology of Political Boundaries
Henry P. Colburn and Ryan C. Hughes

Crossing the Usamacinta: Stylistic Variability and Dynamic Boundaries in the Preclassic and Early Classic Period Northwest Maya Lowlands
Joshua Englehardt

The Architect of Decay? Art as Active in Shamanic and Cosmological Interpretations of the Rock Art of Kallsängen, Bohuslän
Mark Sapwell

Installing Rock Art: Moving Beyond the Boundaries of Art in the Later Bronze Age of Southeastern Kazakhstan
Kenneth Lymer

For the Ferryman: The Social and Cosmological Consequences of Crossing the Land-Sea Boundary during the Neolithic in Britain
Christopher J. Kerns

Inhabiting a Former Islamic Town: Physical and Mental Frontiers in Medieval Spain after the 'Reconquista'
Ieva Reklaityte


Boundary Matters
Alasdair Whittle

Book Reviews and Notes

Edited by Victoria Pia Spry-Marqués

A View from the West: The Neolithic of the Irish Sea Zone
By Vicki Cummings
Reviewed by Robert D. Lenfert

The Early Iron Age in South Scandinavia: Social Order in Settlement and Landscape
By Frands Herschend
Reviewed by Kay L. Hamilton

Latrinae et Foricae - Toilets in the Roman World
By Barry Hobson
Reviewed by Owain Connors

Ancient Tiwanaku
By J. W. Janusek
Reviewed by David Steel

Roman Iberia: Economy, Society, Culture
By Benedict Lowe
Reviewed by Aikaterini-Lliana Rassia

Managing Archaeological Landscapes in Northumberland. Till-Tweed Studies Volume 1
By David G. Passmore & Clive Waddington
Reviewed by Claire Marie Rennie

Avoiding Archaeological Disaster: A Risk Management Approach
By Darby C. Stapp and Julia G. Longenecker
Reviewed by Efi Kefalaki

The Bone Readers: Science and Politics in Human Origins Research
By Valudio Tuniz, Richard Gillespie & Cheryl Jones
Reviewed by Suzanne Pilaar Birch

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