26.1 - Archaeology and Economic Crises

April 2011
Theme Editors: Rosalind Wallduck and Suzanne E. Pilaar Birch


Rosalind Wallduck and Suzanne E. Pilaar Birch

Moving with the Times: A case-study of adaptation to changing environmental conditions in coastal northern Finland
Jennifer Bracewell

Agricultural Crisis in the Ancient Southern Andes: Trajectories and evidence for its archaeological study
M. Alejandra Korstanje

Reconstructing Economic and Political Problems from the Remains of Royal Tombs: Dynasty XIII of Ancient Egypt
Dawn McCormack

‘Gaps’ in Literacy: Social responses to economic crisis in the Late Bronze Age eastern Mediterranean
Philippa M. Steele

Crisis, whose Crisis? The fifth century in south-western Britain
James Gerrard

The Economic Crisis and the Coming Second Wave: How the economic situation will affect archaeological practice in universities and government
Kenneth Aitchison

Archaeology and the Death of the ‘Celtic Tiger’: Maintaining a relevant curriculum at a time of crisis
Thomas Kador

Contextualising Contract Archaeology in Quebec: Political-economy and economic dependencies
Nicolas Zorzin

Navigating Crisis and Collapse: A commentary
James H. Barrett

Book Reviews and Notes

Edited by Danika Parikh

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