26.2 - Collaborative Archaeology

November 2011
Theme Editor: Dominic Walker


Dominic Walker

A Consideration of Theory, Principles and Practice in Collaborative Archaeology
George P. Nicholas, Amy Roberts, David M. Shaepe, Joe Watkins, Lyn Leader-Elliot and Susan Rowley

Changes in Mindset: The Development of Collaborative Research Methodology
Kelly D. Wiltshire

Re-Inflicting the Past: Reflections on Personal Experiences in Collaboration
Peter Merchant

Beyond Ethics: Considerations in Problematizing: Community Involvement and Outreach in Archaeological Practice
Laurent Dissard, Melissa Rosenzweig and Timothy Matney

Handle with Care: Applying Collaborative Archaeology in Greece
Afroditi Chazoglou and Aphrodite Kamara

Dual of Dualistic Collaboration? Competing Imaginings of Archaeological Heritage in Central Nicaragua
Alexander Geurds

Structural Barriers to Collaboration: Lessons from the Field
Adam G. Dewbury and Brian T. Broadrose

Researching a Living Site: Articulating the Intersection of Collaboration and Heritage in a Transnational Village
Teresa P. Raczek, Namita S. Sugandhi, Prabodh Shirvalkar and Lalit Pandey

Re-presenting Ancient Egypt: Reengaging Communities through Collaborative Archaeological Methodologies for Muesum Displays
Gemma Tully

Dis da fi wi Hischri: Archaeology Education as Collaboration with Whom? For Whom? By Whom?
Alicia McGill

Assessing Collaboration with the Sliammon First Nation in a Community-Based Heritage Research and Stewardship Program
John R. Welch, Dana Lepofsky and Michelle Washington

On Archaeology and Being Human
Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh

Book Reviews

Edited by Danika Parikh

Land and People: Papers in Memory of John G. Evans
Edited by Michael J. Allen, Niall Sharples and Terry O'Connor
Reviewed by Robyn Inglis

Anthropological Approaches to Zooarchaeology: Colonialism, Complexity and Animal Transformations
Edited by Douglas Campana, Pam Crabtree, Susan D. deFrance, Justin Lev-Tov and Alice Choyke
Reviewed by Brooklynne 'Tyr' Fothergill

Signals of Belief in Early England: Anglo-Saxon Paganism Revisited
Edited by Martin Carver, Alex Sanmark and Sarah Semple
Reviewed by Michael Shapland

Archaeologies of Colonialism: Consumption, Entanglement and Violence in Ancient Mediterranean France
By Michael Dietler
Reviewed by Elisa Perego

South-Eastern Mediterranean Peoples Between 130,000 and 10,000 Years Ago
Edited by Elena A.A. Garcea
Reviewed by Annita Antoniadou

The Palaeolithic Origins of Human Burial
By Paul Pettitt
Reviewed by Jennifer C. French

North Sea Archaeologies: A Maritime Biography 10,000 BC-AD 1500
By Robert Van de Noort
Reviewed by Tessa de Roo

The Ancient Indus: Urbanism, Economy and Society
By Rita P. Wright
Reviewed by Gethin Rees

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