27.1 - Science and the Material Record

April 2012
Theme Editors: Katie Hall and Danika Parikh


The Two Archaeologies: Crossing the Great Divide
Danika Parikh and Katie Hall

Minds and Hands at Work: Reconstructing the Metallurgy of Ancient Mesoamerica
Bryan Cockrell and Guillermo Salas

MatterReality: The Use of Scientific Method for Interpreting the Materialities of an Iron Age Antler Drum
Mhairi Maxwell, Adrian Evans and Howell Edwards

Geochemistry, Archaeology and Reinterpreting Irish Promontory Forts
Johanna M. Ullrich

Cutting Edge Technology: How the Archaeometallurgical Analysis of Iron Knives Provides an Understanding of the Nature of Iron Technology in Past Societies
Eleanor Blakelock

On the Origin of Ceramics: Moving Toward a Common Understanding of 'Provenance'
Alice M. W. Hunt

Further Intergration of Scientific Chronologies and Archaeology
Jamie K. Anderson

Interpretative Geoarchaeologies? A Relationship Between Archaeological Soil Scientists and Theory
Kate Boulden

Indigenous Archaeology and the Science Question
Robert W. Preucel

Towards an Archaeology of Science: Reuniting Theories of Matter and Material Culture
Zena Kamash

Time to Connect: A Commentary on Science and the Material Record
Martin Jones

Book Reviews and Notes

Edited by Danika Parikh

The Upper Palaeolithic Revolution in Global Perspective
Edited by Katherine V. Boyle, Clive Gamble and Ofer Bar-Yosef
Reviewed by Alexander J.E. Pryor

The Oxford Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Archaeology
Edited by Helena Hamerow
Reviewed by Matilda Holmes

The Oxford Handbook of Material Culture Studies
Edited by Dan Hicks and Mary C. Beaudry
Reviewed by Danika Parikh

Archaeology of the Origin of the State: The Theories
By Vicente Lull and Rafael Micó
Reviewed by Sebastian N. Becker

Bedouin Ethnobotany: Plant Concepts and Uses in a Desert Pastoral World
By James P. Mandaville
Reviewed by Anita Radini

Architecture of Minoan Crete: Constructing Identity in the Aegean Bronze Age
By John C. McEnroe
Reviewed by Frank Lynam

Experiment and Interpretation: The Use of Experimental Archaeology in the Study of the Past
Edited by Dana C.E. Millson
Reviewed by Derek S. Pitman

Describing and Interpreting the Past: European and American Approaches to the Written Record of the Excacavation
By Cătălin Pavel
Reviewed by Donna Yates

Landscapes of Neolithic Brittany
By Chris Scarre
Reviewed by Lou Albessard

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