28.1 - Archaeology and Cultural Mixture

April 2013
Theme Editor: W. Paul van Pelt


W. Paul van Pelt

From Hybridity to Entanglement, from Essentialism to Practice
Philipp W. Stockhammer

Postcolonial Baggage at the End of the Road: How to Put the Genie Back into its Bottle and Where to Go from There
Eleftheria Pappa

Beyond Creolization and Hybridity: Entangled and Transcultural Identities in Philistia
Louise A. Hitchcock and Aren M. Maeir

Convivencia in a Borderland: The Danish-Slavic Border in the Middle Ages
Magdalena Naum

Problematizing Typology and Discarding the Colonialist Legacy: Approaches to Hybridity in the Terracotta Figurines of Hellenistic Babylonia
Stephanie M. Langin-Hooper

Signal and Noise: Digging up the Dead in Archaeology and Afro-Cuban Palo Monte
Stephan PalmiƩ

Hybridity at the Contact Zone: Ethnoarchaeological Perspectives from the Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia
Marcus Brittain, Timothy Clack and Juan Salazar Bonet

Considering Mimicry and Hybridity in Early Colonial New England: Health, Sin and the Body "Behung with Beades"
Diana D. Loren

Our Children Might be Strangers: Frontier Migration and the Meeting of Cultures across Generations
Hendrik van Gijseghem

Ethnogenesis and Hybridity in Proto-Historic Period Nicaragua
Geoffrey G. McCafferty and Carrie L. Dennett

Bi-Directional Forced Deportations in the Neo-Assyrian Empire and the Origins of the Samaritans: Colonialism and Hybridity
Yigal Levin

Networking the Middle Ground? The Greek Diaspora, Tenth to Fifth Century BC
Carla M. Antonaccio

Cultural Mixing in Egyptian Archaeology: The 'Hyksos' as a Case Study
Bettina Bader

Mixing Food, Mixing Cultures: Archaeological Perspectives
Mary C. Beaudry

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Edited by Penny Jones

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