29.1 - Social Network Perspectives in Archaeology

April 2014
Theme Editors: Sarah Evans and Kathrin Felder


Making the Connection: Changina Perspectives on Social Networks
Sarah Evans & Kathrin Felder

The Routes and Chutes of Archaeological Network Analysis: A Citation Analysis and Review of the Archaeological Use of Formal Network Methods
Tom Brughmans

Population Genetics and the Investigation of Past Human Interactions
Hayley Dunn

Eruptions and Ruptures -- A Social Network Perspective on Vulnerability and Impact of the Laacher See Eruption (c. 13,000 BP) on Late Glacial Hunter-Gatherers in Northern Europe
Felix Riede

Expanding social networks through ritual deposition: A case study from the Lower Mississippi Valley
E. S. Nelson

Extending the self' through material culture: Private letters and personal relationships in second-century AD Egypt
J. Stoner

Play-things and the origins of online networks: Virtual material culture in multiplayer games
A. Mol

Reflection: The network approach: tool or paradigm?
F. Fulminante

Commentary: What are social networks perspectives in archaeology?
C. Knappett

Book Reviews

Computational Approaches to Archaeological Spaces
Edited by Andrew Bevan and Mark Lake
Reviewed by P. Alfano

Cities and the Shaping of Memory in the Ancient Near East
By Ömür Harmanşah
Reviewed by G. M. Andreou

The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Death and Burial
Edited by Sarah Tarlow and Liv Nilsson Stutz
Reviewed by M. Binder

Network Analysis in Archaeology: New Approaches to Regional Interaction
Edited by Carl Knappett
Reviewed by B. G. de Groot

The Origins and Spread of Domestic animals in Southwest Asia and Europe
Edited by Sue Colledge, James Connolly, Keith Dobney, Katie Manning and Stephen Shennan
Reviewed by S. Elliott

The Archaeology of Kinship
By Bradley E. Ensor
Reviewed by P. Y. Kao

Matters of Scale: Processes and Courses of Events in the Past and the Present
Edited by Nanouschka M. Burström and Fredrik Fahlander
Reviewed by H. L. McBeth

Cultural Heritage and the Challenge of Sustainability
By Diane Barthel-Bouchier
Reviewed by B. C. Mollard

The 48th IIPP Annual Conference on the Veneto Region, held in Padua on 5-9 November 2013
Reviewed by E. Perego

Humans and the Environment: New Archaeological Perspectives for the Twenty-first Century
Edited by Matthew I. J. Davies and Freda Nkirote M'Mbogori
Reviewed by R. Swallow

The final 4 book reviews appearing in the print edition were mistakenly omitted from issue 28.2.

The Anthropology of Hunter-Gatherers: Key Themes for Archaeologists
By Vicki Cummings
Reviewed by David T. Altoft

The Archaeology of Violence: Interdisciplinary Approaches
Edited by Sarah Ralph
Reviewed by Melanie Giles

Islands in the Rainforest: Landscape Management in Pre-Columbian Amazonia
By Stéphen Rostain
Reviewed by Theresa L. Miller

Hunter–Gatherer Behaviour—Human Response during the Younger Dryas
Edited by Metin Eren
Reviewed by Alison Hope Riley

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