29.2 - The Archive Issue

November 2014
Theme Editors: Renate Fellinger and Leanne Philpot


Renate Fellinger and Leanne Philpot

Towards an archaeology of archaeological archives
J.A. Baird and Lesley McFadyen

Rehistoricizing African archaeology through the archives: the intellectural life of William Leo Hansberry
Justin Dunnavant

The digital non-profressional archaeological photographs archives: private photographs of past excavations for current archaeological research
Bart Wagemakers

Changing perspectives: the archives of memory and material culture
Jimena Lobo Guerrero Arenas

Ethnohistory at the Archivo Historico del Guayas (AHG): bridging the gap between prehispanic archaeology and colonial history
Teresa Erice

Virtual digs: digitisation as a revisisation of past finds
Francesca Garello and Marina Unger

From Egypt with love
Kimberley Watt

Old collections, new questions: a case study in the use of archival and collectionspbased research from Great Depression era excavations in Western Tennesse, US
Thaddeus G. Bissett

Sherd stories: ceramic collections as archives for archaeological analysis
Kathryn M. Hudson

Anarchic archives: the potency and problems of maritime archaeological archives
Jesse Ransely and Julie Satchell

The challenging role and the impact of archives of the production of archaeological narratives in Greece
Archontia Polyzoudi

Use of a digital archive: the archaeology of data service
Katie Green

Beyond 'the preserving Machine': promoting use and reuse of grey litarature and grey data
Tim N.L. Evans and Ray H. Moore

Robin Boast

Book Reviews

Humans and Landscapes of Çatalhöyük (Reports from the 2000-2008 Seasons)
Edited by Ian Hodder
Reviewed by Georgia Marina Andreou

Archaeology and State Theory: Subjects and Objects of Power,
By Bruce Routledge
Reviewed by Roderick B. Campbell

Archaeology After Interpretation: Returning Materials to Archaeological Theory
Edited by Benjamin Alberti, Andrew Meiron Jones and Joshua Pollard
Reviewed by Paul Graves-Brown

The Material World of Ancient Egypt
By William H. Peck
Reviewed by Barbora Janulíková

Maize: Origin, Domestication and its Role in the Development of Culture
By Duccio Bonavia (translated by Javier Flores Espinoza, appendix by Alexander Grobman)
Reviewed by Penny Jones

The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology and Anthropology of Hunter-gatherers
Edited by Vicki Cummings, Peter Jordan and Marek Zvelebil
Reviewed by Francis Wenban-Smith

Reopening of the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art
Reviewed by Joaquín Molina and Valeria Riedemann

Northwest Europe in the Early Middle Ages, c. AD 600-1150
By Christopher Loveluck
Reviewed by Russell Ó Ríagáin

Moi, Auguste, Empereur de Rome (Grand Palais, Paris)
Reviewed by Nicholas West

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