31.1 - In the Trenches

April 2016
Theme Editor: Meghan E. Strong


Meghan E. Strong

Commentary: archaeology and conflict
Marie Louise Stig Sørensen

No country for archaeologists: Shuqba [Shukba] cave, an illustration of the grave situation of Palestinian archaeology
Valentina Borgia and Pamela J. Smith

From fortified plaza to social arena: the Amazonian fortress of Príncipe da Beira and some considerations on the social interpretation of materiality
Louise Cardoso de Mello

Shelter in the tombs: Siracusa's catacombs from WWII
Alice Leone

Mass graves from the Spanish Civil War: exhumations, current status and protocols
Francesco Exteberria, Lourdes Herrasti, Nicholas Márquez-Grant, Alm U. García and Jimi Jeménez

The potential of archives for archaeological research on sites in conflict zones: a case study
Emanuele E. Intagliata

Living in the shadow of the Beautiful West: contested space in Sheikh Abd al-Qurna
Meghan E. Strong and Andrew Bednarski

Book Reviews

Conference Review: Conflict and Cultural Heritage Conference, St. John's College, Oxford, Saturday, 31 October 2015
Reviewed by Andrew Z. Lorey and Annabelle Oliva

A Russian Perspective on Theoretical Archaeology: The Life and Work of Leo S. Klejn
By Stephen Leach
Reviewed by Kathy Baneva

In Search of Kings and Conquerors
By Lisa Cooper
Reviewed by Mark P. C. Jackson

Myth and Meaning: San-Bushman Folklore in Global Context
By James David Lewis-Williams
Reviewed by Kevin Kay

Stones Standing: Archaeology, Colonialism and Ecosystem in Northern Laos
By Anna Källén
Reviewed by Lindsay Lloyd-Smith

Tobacco, Pipes and Race in Colonial Virginia: Little Tubes of Mighty Power
By Anna S. Agbe-Davies
Reviewed by Katherine Cook

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