31.2 - Landscapes

November 2016
Theme Editor: Ian Ostericher


Introduction: On Landscapes and Photographs
Ian Ostericher

Digital Reconstruction of a Sacred Funerary Landscape from Archival Materials
Scott Williams

People and Landscape at the Heart of Neolithic Orkney
Caroline Wickham-Jones, Martin Bates, Richard Bates, Sue Dawson and Erin Kavanagh

Living on the Edge: Synanthropic Salt Marshes in the Coastal Area of the Northern Netherlands from around 600 BC
Annet Nieuwhof and Mans Shepers

Taken by the Sea: New Analyses on the Dynamic Past of the Maritime Cultural Landscape Known as the Former Zuiderzee (the Netherlands)
Yftinus Van Popta

Adaptive Cycles in Communities and Landscapes: The Case of Sagalassos and Duzen Tepe During the Classical/Hellenistic Period
Dries Daems and Jeroen Poblome

Social Spatiality and Perception in Marginal Funerary Landscapes
Andreja Malavoz

Extraction and Empire: Multi-Scalar Approaches to Roman Mining Communities and Industrial Landscapes in Southwest Iberia
Linda Gosner

Emotion and Colonialism: Building Affective Ties in Contested Landscapes
Russell Ó Ríagáin

Constructing Landscapes in the Museum: A Case Study of Weston Park Museum, Sheffield
Pippa Gardner

Book Reviews

Edited by Benjamin Hinson

Ur, The City of the Moon God
By Harriet Crawford
Reviewed by Silvia Ferrari

Mesoamerican Plazas: Arenas of Community and Power
Edited By Kenichiro Tsukamoto and Takeshi Inomata
Reviewed by Christian Langer

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