33.1 - Glocal Archaeology

April 2018
Theme Editors: Lindsey J. Fine and Jess E. Thompson


Lindsey J. Fine and Jess E. Thompson

Discussion: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Glocalization
James H. Barrett, Roland Robertson, Victor Roudometof, Noel B. Salazar and Susan Sherratt

Fishing in the Forefront: Localized Health Impacts at the Dawn of Globalization in Medieval Iceland
Sarah Hoffman

Local Urbanism and Global Economy: The Cases of Timacum Minus and Municipium Dardanorum/DD in Moesia Superior
Lina Diers

A Critical Glocal Archaeology of Southeast Asian Settlements
Michael P. Leadbetter

"All Gurdwaras are the Same": An Exploration of Heritage Value and Architectural Diversity at Sikh Places of Worship in England.
Clare Canning

UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage and Glocalization: Beyond Binary Readings
Nekbet Corpas

Glocal Archaeology in the United Kingdom: An Oral History Project
Federico Caruso, Arjuna Cecchetti and Tiziano Latini

Book Reviews

Edited by Rennan Lemos

Glocalization: A Critical Introduction
By Victor Roudometof
Reviewed by Mirjana Uzelac

Assemblage Theory
By Manuel DeLanda
Reviewed by David K. Kay and Kevin Kay

The Ontological Turn: An Anthropological Exposition
By Martin Holbraad and Morten Axel Pedersen
Reviewed by Emily Banfield

The Transformative Power of the Copy: A Transcultural and Interdisciplinary Approach
Edited by Corinna Forberg and Philipp Stockhammer
Reviewed by Felipe Rojas

The Global Lives of Things: The Material Culture of Connections in the Early Modern World
By Anne Gerritsen and Giorgio Riello
Reviewed by James G. Schryver

Cosmopolitanism and Empire: Universal Rulers, Local Elites, and Cultural Integration in the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean
Edited by Myles Lavan, Richard E. Payne and John Weisweiler
Reviewed by Matthew A. Winter

Global Egyptology. Negotiations in the Production of Knowledges on Ancient Egypt in Global Context
Edited by Christian Langer
Reviewed by Fábio Frizzo

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