34.1 - Desert Archaeology

April 2019
Theme Editors: Camila Alday and Sara Morrisset


Camila Alday and Sara Morrisset

Paul Lane

Alex Loktionov

Persistent Places and Places of Memory: Archaeological Markers of Long-term Connection to Country in the Inland Pilbara, Western Australia
Caroline Bird, James W. Rhoads, Fiona Hook

Tracks in the Sand: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to the Archaeology of Mobile Desert Communities
Kirk Roberts, Laura Morabito, Gareth Rees, José Carvajal López

Circulating in the Peruvian Coastal Desert in Pre-Columbian Times: A view from Tambo Colorado (Pisco Valley, Peru)
Cléa Moulin

Destroyed Rock Art: Signs of Conflict Between Prehistoric Hunter-gatherer Groups on the Edge of North-western Namibia's Namib Desert
Peter Breunig

Dance for Mother Lake on the Arid Titiqaqa Plateau: Observations from Fieldwork Seasons 1993-2005
Mary Louise Stone

A Look to the North and South: Camelid Herding Strategies in the Desert Coast of Peru
Aleksa K. Alaica and Luis Manuel Gonzalez La Rosa

Provisioning of Water and Food at the Desert Ports of Southern Peru, AD 1821-1879
Maria Fernanda Boza Cuadro

Book Reviews

Edited by Katrien Janin

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