34.2 - Beyond the Human: Applying Posthumanist Thinking to Archaeology

December 2019
Theme Editors: Mark Haughton and David K. Kay


Weird Relations: A Prolegomenon to Posthumanism and its Archaeological Manifestations
David K. Kay and Mark Haughton

'Crafting Agency': An Inquiry into Symmetrical Human-Thing Assemblages
Alicia Núñez-García

Neolithic Ashmounds of the Deccan, India: A Posthumanist Perspective
K. Paddayya

Reaching them a Human Paw: Relational Approaches to Maglemose Companions
Tove Hjørungdal

"The Good God in the Form of Montu": Pharaoh as the Warrior God on the Battlefield
Uroš Matić

Manifestations that Matter: A Case of Oaxacan Ruin Possession
Hilary Morgan Leathem

Commentary: Difference and Posthumanism in Archaeology
Oliver J. T. Harris

Book Reviews

Edited by Katrien G. Janin

Assemblage Thought and Archaeology
By Ben Jervis
Reviewed by Thomas Matthews Boehmer

Architecture, Society, and Ritual in Viking Age Scandinavia
By Marianne Hem Eriksen
Reviewed by Andrew Lamb

Archaeology of Identity and Dissonance
Edited by Diane F. George and Bernice Kurchin
Reviewed by Andrea Kocsis

Care or Neglect?
Edited by László Bartosiewicz and Erika Gál
Reviewed by Rena Maguire

Ceramics in Circumpolar Prehistory
Edited by Peter Jordan and Kevin Gibbs
Reviewed by Cecily A. Webster

A Kerma Ancien Cemetery in the Northern Dongola Reach
By Derek A. Welsby
Reviewed by Elizabeth Minor

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