35.1 - The Chaîne Opératoire: Past, Present and Future

September 2020
Theme Editors: Monique Arntz and Michael Lewis


The Chaîne Opératoire: Past, Present and Future
Michael Lewis and Monique Arntz

Notes on the Chaîne Opératoire Concept for Historical Ecology
J. Scott Lyons

Reaching into the Underworld: Maeshowe Side-Chamber Apertures as Doorways to an Inverted Land of the Dead
A. Jay van der Reijden

Chaîne Opératoire and the Construction of Buddhist Cave Temples in Northwestern China
Francesca C. Monteith, Ruiliang Liu, Chris Gosden and A. Mark Pollard

"Another Brick in the Wall" or How to Build an Ancient Egyptian House
Joanna Dȩbowska-Ludwin and Karolina Rosińska-Balik

In Search of Early Bronze Age Potters at Tell eş-Şâfi /Gath: a New Perspective on Vessel Manufacture for Discriminating Chaînes Opératoires
Jon Ross, Haskel J. Greenfield, Kent D. Fowler and Aren M. Maier

Ceramic Technology between the Third and Second Millennium BC: New Insights from Southern Mesopotamia
Eloisa Casadei and Luca Volpi

Beyond Firing: The Chaîne Opératoire Research of Chinese Heirloom Ge ware
Zihan Li

Broadening Perspectives through the Chaîne Opératoire Approach: Scattered Epistemological Notes on the Case Study of Tell Abu Habil, Jordan
Johnny Samuele Baldi

(Re)constructing Crafting Communities in the Gulf of Fonseca, Honduras: a Chaîne Opératoire Approach
Marie Kolbenstetter

Pottery Chaîne Opératoire among the Mbeere People of Mt. Kenya Region: Continuity and Change
Freda Nkirote M'Mbogori, Mercy Gakii Kinyua and Philemon Ochieng Nyamanga

Pottery Making as an Experimental Pedagogical Device for Understanding the Chaîne Opératoire: Results from the Gadachrili Gora Regional Archaeological Project
Khaled Abu Jayyab and Natalia Handziuk

A Chaîne Opératoire of Concentric Circles: a Different Approach to Glass Beads, their Production and Categorisation
Moa Råhlander

Scales of Interaction in the South China Sea: a Chaîne Opératoire Analysis of Neolithic Ground Stone Adzes
Francesco Sponza

The Chaîne Opératoire as a Framework for Investigating Prehistoric Textile Production: Production of Textile Tools in Middle Bronze Age Crete as a 'Troublesome' Case Study
Agata Ulanowska

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